Laser marking

Laser engraving technique on leather and hide belts

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The laser engraving to decorate the belts is becoming increasingly popular, as this process allows you to achieve a precise decoration and also to keep prices low.


Laser engraving of the skin, the real one, Made in Italy!

Leather, a natural material present in different types, requires a "personalized" laser treatment for each type, therefore it is necessary to apply a lot of attention in engraving the leather with this technique, in order not to irreparably ruin the raw material and consequently obtain perfect decorations with sharp edges!

Why engrave the leather with a laser?

High resolution

The decorations obtained with laser engraving have a very high resolution, and therefore it is possible to work even on very small details, without compromising the result and the durability.

Environmental impact

The laser engraving does not use inks or chemical solvents, and therefore represents a very low environmental impact process, which favors the creation of more eco-sustainable products.

Zero maintenance

The use of laser engraving on the skin not only ensures a well-defined decoration, it also ensures a good duration of the same over time, which does not require any type of maintenance.

...some examples of laser processing performed for our customers


On which types of leather do we perform

Laser treatment?



Greased calf


How does it work

Laser engraving

How to order your own custom leather belt?

Ordering your own personalized belt is very simple. Follow the three steps below, and get your made in Italy genuine leather belt, customized with the subject you have chosen!

1st step

Find and choose the belt of your interest from our assortment in the "Customizable belts" category.

2nd step

From the page of the chosen customizable belt, upload the image by clicking on the "Choose a file" button.

3rd step

From your gallery choose the image you want to transfer to your belt. The image can be supplied in the formats: .pdf - .jpg - .jpeg - .png

The times of realization of a customizable belt vary from 10 to 15 days, consequently also the shipping times will undergo a variation with respect to the process of the other orders.


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